5 Great Tips To Renovate Your Home Without A Budget!

We’ve all seen what happens to old houses, apartments and condominiums. It’s like that documentary on National Geographic, Life After People, with the added misfortune that you’re around to see it. Take mygirlfriend Vivian for instance: her interior decor was so old her grandma saw it and got flashbacks to World War II during the Japanese invasion. […]

Women Power: Home Renovation Tips

Sometimes you may still love your home, but feel that it needs a bit of a change or simply that it needs a nice make over. Often we just get fed up for the same décor day in and day out and just changing small things can make a huge difference when it comes to […]

How To Protect Floors During Renovation Works

If you have ever damaged a floor during a renovation project, you will know that it is an embarrassing and often expensive lesson to learn. Accidents can set your project back, ruin your confidence and the additional cost of repair, particularly for solid hardwood flooring, can ruin your budget. Laying down adequate flooring protection before […]